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As a true ECN Forex broker, Avanza has focused on finding some of the deepest liquidity combined with one of the best trade executions so high-volume traders can experience the some of the best trading conditions. Avanza has launched a new account type, zeroECN. This account type is the best choice for whom want to get the lowest trading cost.

To provide traders with the most competitive pricing on the market, this new account type adopts ZERO pips with fixed commission to reduce the trading cost. It does not matter the type of trade traders open, Avanza will always provide you with the most robust and dynamic trading environment.

Reasons to Choose zeroECN

Consistently tight spreads from 0 pips.

High-speed execution

Trade direct into our liquidity providers depth.

500 to 1 leverage available

Support all automatic Expert Advisor (EA) orders

Access deep liquidity pools

The best choice for high-volume traders

Although the rebates of zeroECN account seems to be slightly lower than that of stpECN account, the highly competitive and reliable pricing which includes 0 pips with the fixed commission encourages investors to use the trading volume of zeroECN account is much higher than that of stpECN account, which is very cost-effective in the long term. It is a trading account type tailored for professional traders based on MT4 trading platform, which is widely favored by IB and traders. Choosing an Avanza zeroECN trading account means you are on the right side of forex trading in terms of transaction costs and capital security.

Ready to open a zeroECN account?

Open a live account today, put your forex signals to the test and see the difference Avanza trading accounts will have on your bottom line profits.