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What are Cryptocurrency CFDs?

A Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that took the world by storm back in 2017, rising more than 1,300% to a peak of $US19,783.21. Their popularity came as a result of being a low-priced way to transfer large sums of money in a deregulated manner (i.e. independent of a central bank).
Cryptocurrency CFDs allow you to take a position on whether any of the cryptos you are trading is going to rise or fall, and you can trade both long and short.

At Avanza, we allow you to trade a wide range of cryptocurrency CFDs including Bitcoin, Bitcion Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin (Leviar) and Ripple and all against the US dollar.

Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrencies

Never has it been easier to trade around the clock and access Cryptocurrencies through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Avanza gives you access to desktop, mobile and tablet versions of MT4 so you can trade on the go, using the world’s most popular trading platform.

Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs is done on margin, which means you only put a fraction of the trade size upfront to open an Index trade. You can trade all Cryptocurrencies at 25 to 1 leverage which means $1,000 of margin will give you access to a $25,000 position.

The fact you can trade Cryptocurrencies long or short makes them an attractive proposition to many traders. And why not? This means you can take advantage of price movements whether the markets are going up or down.
And with MT4, you can even set stop to enter orders in for when a Cryptocurrency pair breaks a key support or resistance level.

At Avanza, we not only allow you to trade Bitcoin, but you do not need to own them or store your bitcoin in a wallet. Cryptocurrency CFDs are ideal for those who like to take advantage of trading short to medium term volatility instead of storing them in a wallet.

Major Cryptocurrency Pairs

*Prices and Spreads based on <a href="/en-au/trading-platforms/zeroecn">zeroECN</a> account.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency CFDs


Bid 3,400/Ask 3,450
Proposed leverage is 25:1

Value per Lot:
1x3,450 = 3,450USD

Margin per Lot:
3,450÷25 = 138USD


Bid 3,650/Ask 3,700

Closing Price @ 3,650USD

Value per Lot $3,650


3,650-3450 = $200USD


Bid 3,250/Ask 3,300

Closing Price @ 3,250USD

Value per Lot $3,250


3,450-3,250 = $200USD

1 Lot = 1 Contract    Position: Long    Leverage: 25