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1. Importance of partnering with the right company

When it comes to trading Forex, Indices, Commodities and Cryptos, it is important to choose a company dedicated to providing the best trading resources, education and premium service.

2. Forex Industry

With over $5 trillion in daily turnover, find out why the global Forex market is one of the fastest growing areas for retail traders looking to earn an additional income stream.

3. Fundamental Analysis

At the heart of all Forex trading strategies is having a solid grasp of the key fundamental drivers impacting the movements of the top FX pairs. Discover how you can determine the key economic conditions that affect a country's currency price and the overall state of any economy.

4. Technical Analysis

Technical analysis allows traders to use historical price and volume data to help predict the future price movement of any trading instrument. In this module, we help instil the discipline of applying candlestick charting to your trading, how to determine the short, medium and long-term trends and chart pattern analysis. Once you have read this section, you will have a firm grasp on which combination of technical criteria will best suit your trading style.

5. Risk Management

In this section, we discuss the relationship between risk and reward and how professional traders can reduce their overall risk, stay in the game longer and still have plenty of upside potential. By understanding the key risk management models, you will be able to systematically reduce your risk and be a more consistent trader.

6. How George Soros Broke the Bank of England

One of the most famous trading events of all time is how George Soros managed to 'break the Bank of England'. Discover what factors led up to this trade and how the position was managed to earn over 1 Billion pounds. A truly inspiring account with key lessons to apply to your trading.

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